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Welcome to the Carleton multidisciplinary Master’s degree
in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Our research focuses on ways
interactive technologies can help make life easier and more pleasant for people
at work, at play, and at home. Our group represents some 27 faculty from 13 different
Schools and Departments, ranging from Architecture and Industrial Design to Computer Science,
Business, Psychology, and Journalism, whose research all involves some aspect of interactive technologies
and the way people interact with computers.

The HCI discipline aims to ensure that interactive computer systems make sense to people by delivering the information they need in the right format and the right modality (speech, text, graphics, animation) at the right time. Learn More...

The 2-year 5-credit HCI program leads to a MA, a MASc, or a MCS, depending on the student’s disciplinary background. All students take the following three courses in the first year: software and user interface development; fundamentals of design and evaluation; and designing and developing interactive entertainment systems. Learn More...

Sensor Networks for Active Play (SNAP): We have created and tested a wearable sensor network that detects a user's body position as input for interactive applications. It is envisioned to take active experiences such as Dance Dance Revolution and Wii Fit to a whole new level. See More...

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03/06/2014 - HCI Student, Christopher Burt, won the 3rd place in the 3-Minute-Thesis competition. Read More Info - Watch Video.