Admission Requirements

Applicants for the HCI MA program will normally hold an Honours degree or equivalent professional degree in Arts, Social Sciences, Business, or related areas with Highest Honours. Applicants for the MASc program will normally hold an Honours degree in Engineering, Architecture, Design, or related areas with Highest Honours. Applicants for the M.C.S. degree will normally hold an Honours degree in Computer Science. Applicants with a background in Cognitive Science will be considered for whichever of the three programs is appropriate to their particular academic background.

Applicants judged to be generally acceptable but deficient in some preparation may be asked to complete course-work in addition to the program requirements.

In addition to transcripts and letters of reference, application packages will include a statement of interest outlining the applicant's proposed area of research. You will find further information about admission requirements and procedures here.


Applications are due March 1 for admission to the program in September. There will be a second round of applications due on August 1, but the chances of obtaining funding are much better if students apply by March 1.

Financial Support

Students accepted into the program will be offered generous financial support through teaching assistantships and scholarships. The two most common scholarships based on academic merit are the Domestic Tuition Scholarship, valued at approximately $2,000, and the Entrance Scholarship, valued at $3,000. Scholarships from different sources may be held concurrently with teaching assistantships.

Additional financial assistance will come from external funding. We will encourage students to compete for scholarships from OGS, and NSERC or SSHRC as appropriate to their discipline background. Core faculty will support students under their supervision from any external funding, and continually apply for such funding to support their longer term research programs. We also expect core faculty jointly to apply for funding for the kind of multi-discipline program especially appropriate to HCI, and thereby fund students working collaboratively on such projects.

Application Forms